Monday, December 20, 2010

Are You Results Driven or Process Driven

As the New Year approaches I am sure you may be thinking of your New Year Resolutions. I don't make Resolutions anymore. I always seem to break them. I do know that I can keep a mental note of how I can be the best me.

I remember a story I heard a few months ago. There are two women (can be two men if you want it to be that way). One named Julie the other named Carrie. It was the New Year and both girls wanted to make it a great one and had resolutions to go to the gym and start a work out regimen. They both set there alarms for 6 am, went to bed and slept well.

Julie woke up, stepped on the floor, looked outside and saw the snow on the ground, felt the cold floor and said "Boy, it is too cold." And goes back to sleep.
Carrie wakes up, stepped on the floor, looked outside, saw the snow on the ground and felt the cold floor beneath her feet. She was at the gym in 30 minutes. 

So what makes these two women who did the same thing- act in different ways. It is the mental outlook. Julie looked at the PROCESS of going to the gym; as Carrie looked at the RESULT.

We all have something we do not want to do or finish. But if we think of the RESULT or OUTCOME we know it was well worth it. I know I did not like making phone calls in the beginning of my business venture. I looked at the process. But now I look at the result. I can gain a new customer or a distributor. I help them achieve their goals and dreams. Therefore, making mine more of a reality.Now making phone calls is not a big deal at all to me.

So as you make your resolutions or changes in your life- look at the results. See below some ideas of the Process vs Result comparison. Write your goals down with the comparisons. If you want the Result than focus on that compared to the Process and you should be able to keep your resolution.

Stop Smoking- 
Process- nicotine withdrawal and eating more
Result- Healthy Body, saving money, clothes don't smell and live longer 

Working Out-
Process- finding the time, cold outside, busy at work, etc.
Result- A fit Body, lower stress, more energy, leaner, healthier, etc.

Eating Healthier (not necessarily a diet- they often get broken)
Process- missing out on McDonald's, favorite desserts, etc
Results- lower cholesterol, heart disease, leaner body, lower health insurance costs if you needed to lose weight

Community Service- donate some time or money to a charity. Community service does not need to mean a large organization and diving right into volunteer work especially if you never volunteered at all. How about looking close at home? Maybe an elderly person you know needs help grocery shopping. Or help a single mom by watching her kids for a couple of hours.
Process- not enough time, too much money
Result- helping some one less fortunate, mentor a child, food donations-as they feed their BODY with your food donation you feed your SOUL

Start simple with your resolution and focus on the RESULT. Your intention for the New Year may last longer and become a long term, healthy, good habit.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

Happy Card Sending,
Your Referral Specialists
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Monday, December 13, 2010

My First SendOutCards Webinar

A few Mondays ago, I was fortunate to present SendOutCards, my story, the service and the opportunity to an online Networking Group I belong to, The Selling Divas. It was fun. The preparation and the script writing. There were some technical difficulties when I went live, but everyone were great sports. I was able to re-record this webinar without the technical difficulties and I am very proud of my first attempt to try a webinar/ conference call. I know I will only get better. I hope you listen to this. It is about 20 minutes long (not the 30-45 minutes I said on the video).

Happy Card Sending,
Your Referral Specialists
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Monday, December 6, 2010


Ok, So you have an amazing website/blog/facebook page. You have figured out all the ways to drive traffic to your site. You made sure your tags are the best for your business, optimal keywords and an amazing layout of text and images that will grab your readers attention. You hired analysts, social media gurus and read all of their blogs, ebooks and such. Your education paid off you make the first page on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Woo Hoo!! Let's grab a drink!

Now how do your customers and family see you in the REAL world. Your image on the Internet is filled with expertise, motivation and know how. Great!

You strived on driving traffic to your site, but have you strived on driving PEOPLE to YOU!

You are an ATTRACTION MAGNET. Remember  that- you attract people who are like you by the way you think, act and network. What you put out in the Universe is what you get back. This is repeated over and over in books, motivational cd's, business and life coaches. So what I am saying is not new. But a reminder.

The amount of time you put into your website, blog, facebook page. All the energy you put into making sure your TWEETS are on everyone's feed from sun up to sun down, you should be putting into your REAL LIFE relationships.

So who is an ATTRACTION MAGNET? And how does one become one?

A person who is an attraction magnet is one who gives his or her self with no intention of wanting things in return and doing this on a massive scale. There are many techniques on how to become one. One word that stands out to me it SELFLESSNESS. When you strive to be this way others will admire you. This is not coming from jealousy, this comes from a true admiration. People will want what you have. Things you want out of life will come to you. Charisma, patience, listening skills or any combination of many things are attributes others are looking to emulate. There is an art to be an Attraction Magnet. Giving of oneself is not hard to do. It just needs to be practiced on more often.

More and more people will come to you instead of you searching for them. When you give off a positive outlook more positive people will find it.

So as you create your Internet presence when searching for your ideal reader, customer, distributor. Remember to apply that same thought in your real life interactions. A thought turns non substance things into reality.

Happy Card Sending,
Your Referral Specialists
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Card Checklist

The holiday season is here, and we've created a checklist of six important things for you to remember as you prepare your holiday cards and gifts. You'll also notice a slideshow presentation of our newest holiday gifts.

Schedule your cards and gifts to go out early with your SendOutCards system and don't forget that USPS strongly recommends sending all mail BEFORE December 15 in order for them to arrive in your recipients' mailboxes on time during this holiday season.

1. Update Your Contact Manager!
 Make your contacts list and check it twice, because to have everyone you know in your contact manager will be especially nice. It's also a great idea to import groups of contacts you have from other applications. Importing can be tricky at times, so we've included a tutorial to help you out:
2. Create the Perfect Holiday Card!
The second option is PicturePlus Basic. Click on this tutorial to find out more:

3. Edit Your Cards Earlier Than Normal!
The month of December is our busiest time of the year. So that we can make sure your cards are sent out on time, our production team will be printing cards at a much faster pace. This means that you DO NOT have until midnight to edit your cards like normal. Instead, we encourage you to edit your cards as soon as possible because your card can be sent to print as soon as you hit send.
4. Purchase Points & Add to Your Expense Account!
 Without points and expense for postage, your cards won't make it to the printers and into the mailboxes of your family and friends. Make sure you have enough for the holiday season beforehand so you can beat the holiday rush. We suggest adding at least 100 points and in postage to ensure this holiday season runs smoothly.
For help with purchasing points and adding to your expense, please see the following:
5. Send Your Holiday Cards Campaign-Style!
 If you haven't created a card campaign before, now is the perfect time to find out how it's done! Now that you've followed the steps above, you have the perfect card, plenty of points, and all your holiday contacts' information is loaded into your SendOutCards account. With a few clicks of the mouse your cards will be sent. This means no more stamp-licking, long lines, or lost hours spent assembling the cards. We do it all for you!
For help creating a holiday card campaign, use the links we've listed below:
6. Make Sure Your Personalized Handwriting and Signature is Ready- this is too late to add now. So make sure you add it for 2011!

Holiday cards should always include a personal touch that will bring a smile to the face of any recipient, such as a friend, child, spouse, sibling, co-worker etc. We can help you by printing your personalized handwriting font and signature on each card! Your personalized handwriting font and four signatures come with the purchase of a Wholesale Premium Package and are also sold separately for to those who have purchased the Preferred Package or Retail Package Plus. Find this amazing feature on the Purchase Products page (item #2050). Once purchased, download the font form, use a color printer to print the form (the boxes must be red), fill it out, and mail it to the address in the instructions section of the form. You'll want to make sure your form will get to us by December 1 so you can have your font and signatures available in your account by *December 15.

USPS has suggested that holiday cards be sent BEFORE December 15 in order for them to arrive in your recipients' mailboxes by December 25.

Due to the high volume of traffic on the SendOutCards website during the holiday season, you may experience slight delays in the speed of the website.

Happy Card Sending,
Your Referral Specialists
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Wishes

Tomorrow is the day we Americans Celebrate Family, Friends and Traditions. I wish you the best this Thanksgiving. It reminds me of a story.

A man was walking a road that had bumps, rocky and was unstable. This walk was a reflection of where his life was going- he lost his job, his mother fell ill, and very little can be spent on gifts for the Holiday Season this year.

He came upon two roads. The road on the left was labeled "Misery". The road on the right was labeled "Appreciation".

Before selecting a road, he thinks to himself, "Why are things happening all at once? This is overwhelming", he thought. He lost the sense of control. "Ok, I think I could of handled the loss of my job, but my mom and the holidays are approaching." He kept dwelling on the things not happening in his life as he looks to the left. But then he looked to the right.

He looks down the road on the right and sees clearings, light, a sense of peace. He thinks of his children, his wife, the life he could have when opening his mind to opportunities, laughter and love.

Now, he has a choice. Does he want to stay on the bumpy road and continue with his misery and uncertainty and wallow in self pity? Or follow a road that will lead him to love, light and peace?

He chose the one on the Right. We don't have control over many things in our life. Yet, we can control and be thankful for the things we feel and think.

In the beginning of the story, you heard of his sadness, loss of hope. Yet, when you heard his story when he looked to his right, you felt him smile- he loves his kids, he loves his wife and life. Life is full of unexpected  things and they always come at the wrong time. Without our stories of pain, sorrow and conflict- we can not appreciate and challenge ourselves to move up and be around the ones who fill us with love, laughter and compassion.

We all have a choice like that man did. The holidays are not about gifts or a huge dinner. It is about celebrating what we are Thankful for not for what is causing pain.

Happy Card Sending,
Your Referral Specialists
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Monday, November 22, 2010

You Have to Find Time to Send Cards

I had a talk with one of my SendOutCards customers. She is a friend so I asked permission to be blunt. I attended a show she was doing for a friend of mine and never got a phone call or card to say thank you for my purchase. So I asked her "What was up with that?"

She reminded me that with working 9-5 and parties at night and the family she hasn't had time, yet she understands the importance of doing that. Now, I admitted to her that yes, I forgot that feeling of working and trying to build another business on the side since I have worked at home for so long. So I said "let's mastermind then". If you do not have time to call and follow up, let's program your SendOutCards system to send your thank you cards out automatically."

"What?", she said. "Automatically?"

"Yes! Load your contacts (guests who purchased after a show) and select the card campaign you created earlier and hit send! There is no need to create 30 cards for 10 guests at 3 shows over and over again. One card to multiple recipients and yes personalized each with their name in it!", I said.

The set up is what is the most time consuming. But once it is completed, you are ready to send a card to one person or multiple people at once. It is important to remain organized as you are loading your contacts into the database. One can do this by Creating A Group- Hostesses, Guests, Friends, Prospects, Downline, Family, etc. Once the group is added, then adding a contact to a group or multiple groups is very simple.

It is important to follow up. If you are not sending thank you cards to your customers and hostesses, you will not succeed. Period. Direct sales is a relationship industry and not following up to see how your customers like the product is silly. You are missing out on opportunities. They will remember you and think of you when they need your product. Think of what you are missing when not sending cards:
  1. Missing out on future sales
  2. Missing out on a future show
  3. Missing out on a potential distributor
  4. Missing out on a referral
  5. Missing out on Building Your Business
Think of the money that it takes to get a new customer. If by sending a .98 cent card created multiple referrals then who is working for you- your customers and the cards!

Show appreciation whenever you can.

Happy Card Sending,
and Your Referral Specialists
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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Business Tip- Sending Thank You Cards to Customers


I was talking to a woman today in the direct sales industry for 33 years. Her name is Gina with The Selling Divas. It was fascinating. She is a card sender with SOC (not one of my customers or downline) and understands the importance of sending cards.

She has placed many orders with a particular person who is also in direct sales. One order was $400, another month it was $300 then following months were from $50-$100. One would think a constant and good customer like this should receive a Thank You for Your Business card. Well, that was not the case.

Why do we have to teach business owners, sales reps, independent contractors etc. the common etiquette to send a thank you card? We teach our children to send thank you cards to grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. for when the kid's get gifts. Or am I the only person who still teaches this to my kids?

Common etiquette is to say thank you. This all goes back to when I talked about the cost of finding a new customer compared to the cost of keeping an existing one happy through appreciation.

Let's think about the cost of .99 cent card plus postage compared to the cost of an ad in a local paper...hmmmm....hundreds! I don't think this needs to be explained. It is common sense.

I see this all the time. I have done business with many direct sales consultants and very few have sent a thank you card for hosting a show.

Direct Sales is about Relationships. If one does not want to build relationships- then direct sales is not for them.

In conclusion, please think of the hostesses/ hosts/ guests who bought from you. Send a thank you card or place a phone call to them. That little token of appreciation goes a long way.

Happy Card Sending,
Your Referral Specialists
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

MyLive Signature

You do not have to be a techie to create your own signature. We found a website that can bring personalization to your blog, email and website. Upload a signature for FREE using You can create your signature using pre-selected fonts, scan in your own signature or draw one if you have a pen connected to your computer. Now if you want special animations that costs extra. But below you can see what we created. You can select over a hundred fonts, colors and slopes.

This is an excellent tool to being your online communications to the next level. A++++

Happy Card Sending,

Friday, October 8, 2010

SOC IPhone App Review

I was so excited about the news for the new SOC iPhone App! I downloaded it for free, logged into my account and started to send cards!!!

I thought to myself- how is this possible with over 14,000 cards, images and my contacts? Well, they did it. It is very simple.

I logged in and the screen shows my address, points and expense I have in my account. I select catalog at the bottom of the screen to start creating a card. The categories are listed just like in your regular account on the computer.  I select Holiday and Occasions to send a birthday card. I go through selecting the card for a friend. The images on the front of the card are clear and colorful. I click next at the top of my screen. I can edit the left and right sides of the card.

I can insert images from my SOC account or take a photo from iPhone!!! Instantly it goes into my card.

I can also add an existing contact from my Send Out Cards account, my device's address book or add a new contact.
It validates how many points and expense I am going to use and then SEND CARD!

Wow!!! Talk about acting on a prompting. You are out with clients and can send a card right after a meeting without going to your office! BRILLIANT!

Monday, October 4, 2010

BOO!!! Halloween Treats

Send a Treat to your Friends and Family.
SendOutCards has some really cute gifts to brighten someone's day this Fall.

All of the flavor of Pumpkin Pie without all the work.
Just add water, butter and a can of pumpkin. It only  takes 5 minutes to prepare. The dish is oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. Use it as a candy dish or decoration. Perfect as a Hostess Gift.

We have so many Halloween and Fall Gift ideas that can be sent with a card.

To send your card and gift out to someone you care about, visit our storefront @ If you need assistance give us a call 954-667-9762.

Debbie and Kerry
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Direct Sale Reps Give You a Bad Taste in Your Mouth

Direct Sale Representatives usually get a bad wrap. There are many people, for many reasons who are left with a bad taste in their mouth when they hear about direct sales or MLM. They associate it with scams or a person who was pushing distributorship way too much. Now while there have been a few scams out there and pushy people. There are many that are not. Companies are only as good as its distributors. Many of the most successful distributors are ones who understand this. I know I do not want to be known as the distributor who throws up all over my contacts.

Like in traditional business, I have been scammed by plumbers, electricians, car salesman, and stockbrokers who took my money and didn’t finish a job or invested in the wrong stocks for their own financial gain. Many people were scammed by Madoff. Yet, we still invest. We still have our checking accounts. There are many good companies out there, with good morals and values with incredible products and services. Keep that in mind when someone offers you an opportunity.

In our SendOutCards business, we have come across customers who were told there was only one package-the Entrepreneur package. We have gained these people as customers, because we listened to THEIR needs. They did not want to do it as a business and did not want to invest over $300.00. And with our honesty, we have built a trusting relationship. We have also had people who were customers who upgraded down the road to a Distributor when THEY were ready.

Direct Sales is not about us. It is about the customer. It is about the team we build and their goals. Once they identify what they want, it will ultimately help you as their upline.

As a rep in the direct sales industry, do what you feel is comfortable for you- your style, your manners, your attitude. But always remember it is the person you are talking to whose opinion matters the most.

Debbie Shulman and Kerry Lynn Palmieri
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Find the Right Direct Sales Company for YOU

I have to tell you this story of my sister. She worked at an office for a couple of years and like many of Americans today, she found herself in the administrator's office and was told they had to cut back. After serious talks, they had to let her and others in the office go; including her boss.

After many months of searching for another job, she found the job of dreams at a well-known law practice in Palm Beach. We were all so excited! However, the lesson of the story is this- always have a PLAN B. When your employer has to cut your salary or let you go, will he still pay for the lifestyle in which you are accustomed to? NO!

By finding the right Direct Sales Company for you- you control your hours, you control how much you want to earn. And if you do have to accept a pay cut, you know that you have an extra $200, $400, $1000 or more a month to make up the difference. If you are let go, you know that if you can work harder on your PLAN B, you can make it your full time career or at least for awhile until you find another job.

When searching for the right Direct Sales Company make sure you are passionate for what you will be selling to your customers. Make sure you are comfortable with your up line. How long have they been in the business? Make sure you understand the compensation plan. Understand any and all of the requirements that are set in place for the company. Every company is different. Don't let anyone fool you. It does take work and determination to make your business succeed. It will not happen over night. Keep yourself on a budget. All companies have a maximum spending budget. Keep track on how many events you can afford to do and how much inventory you can carry. Otherwise the company will be getting rich and not you.

There are many links out there to help you research the right company for you. Every direct selling company offers the same thing- more money for you can be made, more time for your family, travel more, a great product or service. Make sure it is not a scam. Above all else do not allow anyone to sweet talk you into their company. This is your decision and if anyone does push you into a distributorship- I would be wary.

Best of Luck to you and your endeavour.

Kerry and Debbie
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

My son Jordan @ 4 months old

I love keeping in touch with my family and friends. I uploaded the photos of my new addition, Jordan to my SOC system and poof...he became a model in his own right. There is nothing like his grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members treasure these moments in cards. Online images that I post on FaceBook are nice, but a card is saved and looked at every day. I created this format in the basic version of our Picture Plus software. It still came out great!

This was for the front of the card
This was for the inside of the tri fold card
Written by Debbie Shulman
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Monday, August 30, 2010

Professional Photography

We have been asked by many professional photographers about how they can use our card sending system to keep in touch with their clients; as well as; making their clients customers of our system.

Here are a few key points we want to address.

1. Become a distributor so the best pricing is available to you, all the features are included and you earn money on your customers usage. In the future if you want to build a team, then that is available to you as well.
2. Send cards with a proof or proofs of the session they had with you. Your clients can become customers of the system instead of using a competitor. By the way our card sending system is better than the competitors.
3. Most importantly, make sure you or someone you work with assists your customers. A responsible distributor does not leave their clients hanging. A training session can take up to an hour or more. But with quality customer service you will gain so much. You may need to assist them with photo uploads, contacts uploads, creating a card and so much more.

Ultimately, you want to be there for them from beginning to end. Professional photographers love the quality and the convenience.

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

That's ok, I don't want your referral.

The person who needs to read this is the one who wonders why they don't receive referrals from clients and/or other business professionals. The other type of person who reads this, like myself and my partner, will probably laugh in agreement.

How many times have you found someone at a networking event you thought about referring too? It is a great experience. They are a person who will fit in your circle of contacts, help each other with referrals, a nice compliment to the services and/ or products you have. Whatever the reason, you hit it off (or so you thought) and poof they don't FOLLOW UP!

You know that there lies interest. It is obvious from the other party. You make that phone call which is basic in nature. "Hello, how are you? I would like to know about you and your business? Give me a call."

You don't hear back, so the next day you send an email and wait...still no response. You think- are they on vacation? Are they hurt? Now, this is not just a one way street you truly want to know about them and their business, so you can refer your clients to them. There isn't an automated e-mail response saying they are out of town, nor a message on their voicemail. So, do they want the business or not? You even think to yourself- do they even know how to network and follow up?

I ask myself, does this person really want my referral? How can I be an effective referral generator to someone who does not return my call or email in a timely manner. If this is how you treat me, then how will you treat my client?

One needs to think about how they may be perceived if not returning communications in a timely manner. Communication is very important.

We are living in a society where people want instant gratification. If you don't call them back in an hour (maybe for some people it is even less) they WILL call someone else. Just Google a business and thousands come up. Everyone is not only in competition with the store down the street, but the ones all over the country.

My best advice is to offer you this. Reflect on how quickly you return a call, answer an email and evaluate the way you communicate to your customers and networking friends. If you are not available at this time then let them know you will contact them as soon as you return.

Ask yourself this- do you ignore a phone call on your cell because you don't know the number? Instead TELL yourself this, "If I DO answer this call, then I may gain a new customer. Because if I don't they more than likely will call my competition." I am not saying to be up at all hours of the night and being interrupted during family dinners. I am just saying to communicate more effectively and you may have more business than you know what to do with.


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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dating vs. Networking- What is the Difference?

I thought of this topic as I was lying in bed last night. For those of you who know me this is not an irregular thing for me to do. On top of three kids, a husband, two successful businesses and planning a Women's Expo and Fundraiser. One would think I just crash. But I had an epiphany.

So, what is the difference between Dating and Networking? My hypothesis says nothing. There is no difference.

Dating is the process of meeting a person of the opposite sex (or same sex in some situations). Dating is the beginning stage to find that man/woman of our dreams. To marry, have children, and live a long and beautiful life with.

In the past, before the Internet, we met people through our friends and family who knew us and knew the other person. Therefore, you hoped that it would be a good match. Sometimes it was and sometimes it wasn't. This way of matchmaking has gone by the wayside. Now, the majority of single people are using social media sites to find people quicker, easier and a bit safer. We are busy. We don't have time for a long drawn out first date. If we don't like them why torture ourselves for an hour and a half. We can have coffee instead and see if it can go further. (Am I the only one who dated like this?)

Unlike going to a bar, they may join speed dating groups, dances and /or social Meet Up groups. I actually met my husband on eHarmony and we did have a long drawn out first date for 6 hours!!! Ok, so maybe my philosophy was not working. :)

So now they got a date after finding the right person, with the right picture and profile. They dress up to make a first impression. First impressions always make a lasting impression. They meet the person at a local restaurant, coffee shop or something along those lines. And now comes the conversation. It is not as if the person is intentionally trying to repulse the other. It sometimes happens. One talks to much or the other's conversation is not appropriate for a first date.

The behaviour is not well received. Some people may want to relax, but they relax so much they drink too much. One wants to put paws all over the other one. Basically, it is just not happening.

Respect, honor and confidence are the attributes one should have when they first walk out there door. Not what shoes they have on. Yes, that is important. As I said before- first impressions do matter. But the qualities of a person shine over that. So when they wake up in the morning with you 20 years later you still see the beauty of them from long ago. You will NEVER remember the shoes they had on.

We can not expect that everyone thinks we are attractive. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I remember walking around the mall when I was younger, saying "What is she doing with him?" I may not find that person attractive, but she does and that is all that matters.

Just as in dating, we are not going to get along with everyone in networking circles. Networking is expanding. We network on social media sites. This allows us to find more people, more quickly, any time of the day and night and it does not affect our work schedules. We network at referral groups and chambers where initial person to person contact is imperative.

Many people think or expect that everyone to do business with them. We are like sharks trying to see who we can bite. We are looking for that quick sale. I know I am looking to build that relationship. Just as in dating. Build a long, lasting and beautiful relationship where refferals just flow.
We need to RESPECT the person's time and efforts. We need to HONOR ourselves and others around us. With HONOR comes RESPECT. And we need the CONFIDENCE within ourselves that a NO is okay. No does not always mean No forever. It can be No for right now.

When dating, one should RESPECT the person they are out on a date with. Respect their space, body and time. HONOR yourself and don't give it up so soon. That will never lead to a long, lasting, loving relationship. And CONFIDENCE. You should have the confidence within yourself to know that you are the best, you are well respected and you have qualities that are good and giving without sounding arrogant.

There. I can not find the difference between dating and networking. Make the process fun and enjoy it. When you do find the relationships you want in your life- things will just flow. No fight, no battle. Just a continual partnership that will last a lifetime.


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Thank you for landing on our blog. Kerry and I are looking forward to create a forum of our business and personal sides. One of the important lessons we want to educate others about is APPRECIATION MARKETING. This may be a new term, but it has been around for generations. Let's break it down.

APPRECIATION- to be grateful or thankful for: They appreciated his thoughtfulness.
2. to value or regard highly; place a high estimate on: to appreciate good wine.
3. to be fully conscious of; be aware of; detect: to appreciate the dangers of a situation.
4. to raise in value.
–verb (used without object)
5. to increase in value: Property values appreciated yearly


1. the act of buying or selling in a market.
2. the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

We are not ever putting down other forms of traditional business tactics. There is a place for advertising, whether in print, TV or radio. But what does one do once they create and build a database of clients and prospects.

What do you do to show them you thank them for their business, their referral, their kind gesture? Do you send them a card? If the answer is yes, GREAT! What do you say in it?

If the answer is no, then why not? It costs more to find a new client than it does to retain one.

When you send a card does it Send Out to Give or Send Out to Get. Do you know the difference? We will discuss the right and wrong way of showing appreciation. Determining what you are doing will affect the return of your investment (ROI)- good or bad.

So stay tuned for a fun and informative way of learning the Art of Appreciation.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Right Way to Act

When I send a card out to a client or friend, I think to myself am I sending out to Give or sending out to Get?

Kerry and I love the fact that even as we grow our business we are learning to grow within ourselves.

When one sends out to GET, the Universe just takes. Now, maybe this is a bit of a far out concept for some of you, but I think this concept is very simple to understand for most. For example, how many times has someone contacted you and says the following. Now, keep in mind, I have had this happen to me often in the past, but have learned from it so I stay away from people like this.

     "Hey, Debbie, I wanted to call to see how you are and find out if we can meet for coffee. I would like to hear more about your online tool that can help my business."

     "Ok, when and where do you want to meet?"

So we meet up at a local coffee shop and I get to introduce my service and find out how they need it for their business. Then the conversation switches.

     "You know, Debbie, I think that you can use my service/ product in your business as well. We have a ground floor business opportunity that blah blah blah..."

That is all I hear.Why does someone think this is a good way of meeting people, building a team or sell a product/ service? Basically, I felt like the person was throwing up all over me about their business and wasted my time meeting up with them. I could have made an appointment with someone who is truly interested in me and my resources.

Don't get me wrong. I was interested in what they do, but I was not there to be solicited to. They asked me for coffee and then they did a switch. Probably because I would not have met up with them if they were honest.

This contact was obviously out to GET. So what happens, the Universe just takes. Nothing is given back. If the contact was truly interested in my service then I would of been more open to hear about theirs.

Yet, if they were out to GIVE the conversation would of ended up a lot differently. Can we see how we can refer to each other? Let's learn and build a relationship so you can trust me and I can trust you. When you GIVE and open yourself up to truly appreciate and learn, then business can be generated. If not, I think you are annoying, wasting my time and start to think to myself- would I want to be a part of a business where this is one of their techniques; which is blindly meeting up with people to puke the business all over them?

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