Friday, October 8, 2010

SOC IPhone App Review

I was so excited about the news for the new SOC iPhone App! I downloaded it for free, logged into my account and started to send cards!!!

I thought to myself- how is this possible with over 14,000 cards, images and my contacts? Well, they did it. It is very simple.

I logged in and the screen shows my address, points and expense I have in my account. I select catalog at the bottom of the screen to start creating a card. The categories are listed just like in your regular account on the computer.  I select Holiday and Occasions to send a birthday card. I go through selecting the card for a friend. The images on the front of the card are clear and colorful. I click next at the top of my screen. I can edit the left and right sides of the card.

I can insert images from my SOC account or take a photo from iPhone!!! Instantly it goes into my card.

I can also add an existing contact from my Send Out Cards account, my device's address book or add a new contact.
It validates how many points and expense I am going to use and then SEND CARD!

Wow!!! Talk about acting on a prompting. You are out with clients and can send a card right after a meeting without going to your office! BRILLIANT!

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