Friday, April 29, 2011

Stop Losing Business

Change these scary statistics with a simple solution...

· The average company loses 52% of its customers every 5 years...Cost of replacing them can be 6-7 times more expensive. The number 1 reason for leaving us is they forget about us, the second reason is that they feel we took their business for granted.

· We potentially lose up to 19% of additional business because we don’t ask for referrals. Opportunities are never lost, they just go to someone else.

· 66% of your business within the next 12 months should come from your sphere of influence.

· 5% increase in customer loyalty will yield 20%-80% to our bottom line profit...Much wiser to spend money on customer retention than acquisition.

· For every month that we don’t contact or communicate with our client, we lose 10% of our influence...if 10 months go by without communication then you lose 100% of your influence!

· Studies show that the average person won’t take action until they’ve heard or seen your message at least 7 times. It is vital to our business to have a systematic way for keeping in touch.

· Most businesses lose 10-17% of their business every year.

· 62% of your clients aren’t taking advantage of all of your products or services.

· 91% of our customers say they would give us a referral. 80% haven’t been encouraged to do so!

· Just saying thank you to our clients - particularly new clients - to do nothing more than saying thank you (do not try to sell) will increase your business by 17%.

· 95% of our customers will purchase from a competitor on an impulse even if you provide a great service. This just shows the importance of staying on the top of your clients mind.

· Only 3% of our mail is do you feel when you walk out to the mail box and see a personal card addressed to you? Your clients & prospects are no different.

· Of all the leads that are generated at trade shows, 67% of them are never followed up with. When you consider the cost of doing a trade show (time, cost to rent the space, cost for booth display materials), this is a huge waste of an opportunity.

· REAL ESTATE: 87% of all For Sale by Owners will eventually list with a are you staying in touch?

· REAL ESTATE: 82% of all homeowners can’t tell you the name of their Realtor if they bought their home more than two years ago.

· REAL ESTATE: 90% of all people who used a realtor were happy with their experience but only 11% used the same realtor the next time they needed one.

So how do you do this? Simple start a personal relationship by sending people cards to show them you care about them. All from the comfort of your office/home right from the computer.
Go to and click #2 and send a card on me. It's fun and easy. show somebody you care about them.

Happy Card Sending,
Debbie and Kerry Your Referral Specialists
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Overcoming Your Own Bondage

I was watching a show on the History channel about a group of people who according to historians should not be here based on how history unfolded itself. This article is not religious in nature, yet holds a special place to people everywhere and will be used as an example in this writing.

So the group of people are the Jews. Throughout history we all know (Jew and non Jew alike) how they were enslaved, persecuted and judged throughout time. Yet, they still exist in this world. I am Jewish and I grew up thinking and discussing these things. I feel that one can only understand if one was Jewish.

But I want to take this to a deeper and more humanistic observation. The Jews came through these episodes in history with faith, passion and a belief in themselves. Passover (Pesach) is coming and we speak of how the Jews escaped slavery from the Egyptians. We see Moses on Mt. Sinai in the movie "The Ten Commandments" bringing down the Commandments for the future people of Israel. Were they truly free after all that?

Freedom is not just a state of our external environment. It is an inner feeling that one holds within oneself. Today you live in a free society in America, but yet are your ideas, thoughts and feelings truly free? How can you set yourself up in a place where you are free inside? What holds you back from achieving your goals? Who are you blaming when your dreams are not coming to reality? Do you have an internal battle of bondage/slavery that you fight with everyday?

I ask these questions because I know many people who have fears in their mind. Whether they created them themselves or people spoke these fears to them The can'ts, the won'ts, the am not's. These are purely words but they can be so strong that they bond you to a place of insecurity and fear.

I pray that you will let these fears and negative feelings leave you. I pray that love, freedom and peace encompass your soul and mind.

Remember sending cards will help re-connect with those you lost touch with, develop new relationships and maintain existing ones. Who do you know that does not like to receive a card?
Happy Card Sending,
Debbie and Kerry Your Referral Specialists
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