Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Right Way to Act

When I send a card out to a client or friend, I think to myself am I sending out to Give or sending out to Get?

Kerry and I love the fact that even as we grow our business we are learning to grow within ourselves.

When one sends out to GET, the Universe just takes. Now, maybe this is a bit of a far out concept for some of you, but I think this concept is very simple to understand for most. For example, how many times has someone contacted you and says the following. Now, keep in mind, I have had this happen to me often in the past, but have learned from it so I stay away from people like this.

     "Hey, Debbie, I wanted to call to see how you are and find out if we can meet for coffee. I would like to hear more about your online tool that can help my business."

     "Ok, when and where do you want to meet?"

So we meet up at a local coffee shop and I get to introduce my service and find out how they need it for their business. Then the conversation switches.

     "You know, Debbie, I think that you can use my service/ product in your business as well. We have a ground floor business opportunity that blah blah blah..."

That is all I hear.Why does someone think this is a good way of meeting people, building a team or sell a product/ service? Basically, I felt like the person was throwing up all over me about their business and wasted my time meeting up with them. I could have made an appointment with someone who is truly interested in me and my resources.

Don't get me wrong. I was interested in what they do, but I was not there to be solicited to. They asked me for coffee and then they did a switch. Probably because I would not have met up with them if they were honest.

This contact was obviously out to GET. So what happens, the Universe just takes. Nothing is given back. If the contact was truly interested in my service then I would of been more open to hear about theirs.

Yet, if they were out to GIVE the conversation would of ended up a lot differently. Can we see how we can refer to each other? Let's learn and build a relationship so you can trust me and I can trust you. When you GIVE and open yourself up to truly appreciate and learn, then business can be generated. If not, I think you are annoying, wasting my time and start to think to myself- would I want to be a part of a business where this is one of their techniques; which is blindly meeting up with people to puke the business all over them?

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