Monday, August 30, 2010

Professional Photography

We have been asked by many professional photographers about how they can use our card sending system to keep in touch with their clients; as well as; making their clients customers of our system.

Here are a few key points we want to address.

1. Become a distributor so the best pricing is available to you, all the features are included and you earn money on your customers usage. In the future if you want to build a team, then that is available to you as well.
2. Send cards with a proof or proofs of the session they had with you. Your clients can become customers of the system instead of using a competitor. By the way our card sending system is better than the competitors.
3. Most importantly, make sure you or someone you work with assists your customers. A responsible distributor does not leave their clients hanging. A training session can take up to an hour or more. But with quality customer service you will gain so much. You may need to assist them with photo uploads, contacts uploads, creating a card and so much more.

Ultimately, you want to be there for them from beginning to end. Professional photographers love the quality and the convenience.

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