Monday, December 6, 2010


Ok, So you have an amazing website/blog/facebook page. You have figured out all the ways to drive traffic to your site. You made sure your tags are the best for your business, optimal keywords and an amazing layout of text and images that will grab your readers attention. You hired analysts, social media gurus and read all of their blogs, ebooks and such. Your education paid off you make the first page on Google, Yahoo and MSN. Woo Hoo!! Let's grab a drink!

Now how do your customers and family see you in the REAL world. Your image on the Internet is filled with expertise, motivation and know how. Great!

You strived on driving traffic to your site, but have you strived on driving PEOPLE to YOU!

You are an ATTRACTION MAGNET. Remember  that- you attract people who are like you by the way you think, act and network. What you put out in the Universe is what you get back. This is repeated over and over in books, motivational cd's, business and life coaches. So what I am saying is not new. But a reminder.

The amount of time you put into your website, blog, facebook page. All the energy you put into making sure your TWEETS are on everyone's feed from sun up to sun down, you should be putting into your REAL LIFE relationships.

So who is an ATTRACTION MAGNET? And how does one become one?

A person who is an attraction magnet is one who gives his or her self with no intention of wanting things in return and doing this on a massive scale. There are many techniques on how to become one. One word that stands out to me it SELFLESSNESS. When you strive to be this way others will admire you. This is not coming from jealousy, this comes from a true admiration. People will want what you have. Things you want out of life will come to you. Charisma, patience, listening skills or any combination of many things are attributes others are looking to emulate. There is an art to be an Attraction Magnet. Giving of oneself is not hard to do. It just needs to be practiced on more often.

More and more people will come to you instead of you searching for them. When you give off a positive outlook more positive people will find it.

So as you create your Internet presence when searching for your ideal reader, customer, distributor. Remember to apply that same thought in your real life interactions. A thought turns non substance things into reality.

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