Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holiday Card Checklist

The holiday season is here, and we've created a checklist of six important things for you to remember as you prepare your holiday cards and gifts. You'll also notice a slideshow presentation of our newest holiday gifts.

Schedule your cards and gifts to go out early with your SendOutCards system and don't forget that USPS strongly recommends sending all mail BEFORE December 15 in order for them to arrive in your recipients' mailboxes on time during this holiday season.

1. Update Your Contact Manager!
 Make your contacts list and check it twice, because to have everyone you know in your contact manager will be especially nice. It's also a great idea to import groups of contacts you have from other applications. Importing can be tricky at times, so we've included a tutorial to help you out:
2. Create the Perfect Holiday Card!
The second option is PicturePlus Basic. Click on this tutorial to find out more:

3. Edit Your Cards Earlier Than Normal!
The month of December is our busiest time of the year. So that we can make sure your cards are sent out on time, our production team will be printing cards at a much faster pace. This means that you DO NOT have until midnight to edit your cards like normal. Instead, we encourage you to edit your cards as soon as possible because your card can be sent to print as soon as you hit send.
4. Purchase Points & Add to Your Expense Account!
 Without points and expense for postage, your cards won't make it to the printers and into the mailboxes of your family and friends. Make sure you have enough for the holiday season beforehand so you can beat the holiday rush. We suggest adding at least 100 points and in postage to ensure this holiday season runs smoothly.
For help with purchasing points and adding to your expense, please see the following:
5. Send Your Holiday Cards Campaign-Style!
 If you haven't created a card campaign before, now is the perfect time to find out how it's done! Now that you've followed the steps above, you have the perfect card, plenty of points, and all your holiday contacts' information is loaded into your SendOutCards account. With a few clicks of the mouse your cards will be sent. This means no more stamp-licking, long lines, or lost hours spent assembling the cards. We do it all for you!
For help creating a holiday card campaign, use the links we've listed below:
6. Make Sure Your Personalized Handwriting and Signature is Ready- this is too late to add now. So make sure you add it for 2011!

Holiday cards should always include a personal touch that will bring a smile to the face of any recipient, such as a friend, child, spouse, sibling, co-worker etc. We can help you by printing your personalized handwriting font and signature on each card! Your personalized handwriting font and four signatures come with the purchase of a Wholesale Premium Package and are also sold separately for to those who have purchased the Preferred Package or Retail Package Plus. Find this amazing feature on the Purchase Products page (item #2050). Once purchased, download the font form, use a color printer to print the form (the boxes must be red), fill it out, and mail it to the address in the instructions section of the form. You'll want to make sure your form will get to us by December 1 so you can have your font and signatures available in your account by *December 15.

USPS has suggested that holiday cards be sent BEFORE December 15 in order for them to arrive in your recipients' mailboxes by December 25.

Due to the high volume of traffic on the SendOutCards website during the holiday season, you may experience slight delays in the speed of the website.

Happy Card Sending,
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