Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Wishes

Tomorrow is the day we Americans Celebrate Family, Friends and Traditions. I wish you the best this Thanksgiving. It reminds me of a story.

A man was walking a road that had bumps, rocky and was unstable. This walk was a reflection of where his life was going- he lost his job, his mother fell ill, and very little can be spent on gifts for the Holiday Season this year.

He came upon two roads. The road on the left was labeled "Misery". The road on the right was labeled "Appreciation".

Before selecting a road, he thinks to himself, "Why are things happening all at once? This is overwhelming", he thought. He lost the sense of control. "Ok, I think I could of handled the loss of my job, but my mom and the holidays are approaching." He kept dwelling on the things not happening in his life as he looks to the left. But then he looked to the right.

He looks down the road on the right and sees clearings, light, a sense of peace. He thinks of his children, his wife, the life he could have when opening his mind to opportunities, laughter and love.

Now, he has a choice. Does he want to stay on the bumpy road and continue with his misery and uncertainty and wallow in self pity? Or follow a road that will lead him to love, light and peace?

He chose the one on the Right. We don't have control over many things in our life. Yet, we can control and be thankful for the things we feel and think.

In the beginning of the story, you heard of his sadness, loss of hope. Yet, when you heard his story when he looked to his right, you felt him smile- he loves his kids, he loves his wife and life. Life is full of unexpected  things and they always come at the wrong time. Without our stories of pain, sorrow and conflict- we can not appreciate and challenge ourselves to move up and be around the ones who fill us with love, laughter and compassion.

We all have a choice like that man did. The holidays are not about gifts or a huge dinner. It is about celebrating what we are Thankful for not for what is causing pain.

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