Monday, November 22, 2010

You Have to Find Time to Send Cards

I had a talk with one of my SendOutCards customers. She is a friend so I asked permission to be blunt. I attended a show she was doing for a friend of mine and never got a phone call or card to say thank you for my purchase. So I asked her "What was up with that?"

She reminded me that with working 9-5 and parties at night and the family she hasn't had time, yet she understands the importance of doing that. Now, I admitted to her that yes, I forgot that feeling of working and trying to build another business on the side since I have worked at home for so long. So I said "let's mastermind then". If you do not have time to call and follow up, let's program your SendOutCards system to send your thank you cards out automatically."

"What?", she said. "Automatically?"

"Yes! Load your contacts (guests who purchased after a show) and select the card campaign you created earlier and hit send! There is no need to create 30 cards for 10 guests at 3 shows over and over again. One card to multiple recipients and yes personalized each with their name in it!", I said.

The set up is what is the most time consuming. But once it is completed, you are ready to send a card to one person or multiple people at once. It is important to remain organized as you are loading your contacts into the database. One can do this by Creating A Group- Hostesses, Guests, Friends, Prospects, Downline, Family, etc. Once the group is added, then adding a contact to a group or multiple groups is very simple.

It is important to follow up. If you are not sending thank you cards to your customers and hostesses, you will not succeed. Period. Direct sales is a relationship industry and not following up to see how your customers like the product is silly. You are missing out on opportunities. They will remember you and think of you when they need your product. Think of what you are missing when not sending cards:
  1. Missing out on future sales
  2. Missing out on a future show
  3. Missing out on a potential distributor
  4. Missing out on a referral
  5. Missing out on Building Your Business
Think of the money that it takes to get a new customer. If by sending a .98 cent card created multiple referrals then who is working for you- your customers and the cards!

Show appreciation whenever you can.

Happy Card Sending,
and Your Referral Specialists
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