Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Find the Right Direct Sales Company for YOU

I have to tell you this story of my sister. She worked at an office for a couple of years and like many of Americans today, she found herself in the administrator's office and was told they had to cut back. After serious talks, they had to let her and others in the office go; including her boss.

After many months of searching for another job, she found the job of dreams at a well-known law practice in Palm Beach. We were all so excited! However, the lesson of the story is this- always have a PLAN B. When your employer has to cut your salary or let you go, will he still pay for the lifestyle in which you are accustomed to? NO!

By finding the right Direct Sales Company for you- you control your hours, you control how much you want to earn. And if you do have to accept a pay cut, you know that you have an extra $200, $400, $1000 or more a month to make up the difference. If you are let go, you know that if you can work harder on your PLAN B, you can make it your full time career or at least for awhile until you find another job.

When searching for the right Direct Sales Company make sure you are passionate for what you will be selling to your customers. Make sure you are comfortable with your up line. How long have they been in the business? Make sure you understand the compensation plan. Understand any and all of the requirements that are set in place for the company. Every company is different. Don't let anyone fool you. It does take work and determination to make your business succeed. It will not happen over night. Keep yourself on a budget. All companies have a maximum spending budget. Keep track on how many events you can afford to do and how much inventory you can carry. Otherwise the company will be getting rich and not you.

There are many links out there to help you research the right company for you. Every direct selling company offers the same thing- more money for you can be made, more time for your family, travel more, a great product or service. Make sure it is not a scam. Above all else do not allow anyone to sweet talk you into their company. This is your decision and if anyone does push you into a distributorship- I would be wary.

Best of Luck to you and your endeavour.

Kerry and Debbie
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