Monday, December 20, 2010

Are You Results Driven or Process Driven

As the New Year approaches I am sure you may be thinking of your New Year Resolutions. I don't make Resolutions anymore. I always seem to break them. I do know that I can keep a mental note of how I can be the best me.

I remember a story I heard a few months ago. There are two women (can be two men if you want it to be that way). One named Julie the other named Carrie. It was the New Year and both girls wanted to make it a great one and had resolutions to go to the gym and start a work out regimen. They both set there alarms for 6 am, went to bed and slept well.

Julie woke up, stepped on the floor, looked outside and saw the snow on the ground, felt the cold floor and said "Boy, it is too cold." And goes back to sleep.
Carrie wakes up, stepped on the floor, looked outside, saw the snow on the ground and felt the cold floor beneath her feet. She was at the gym in 30 minutes. 

So what makes these two women who did the same thing- act in different ways. It is the mental outlook. Julie looked at the PROCESS of going to the gym; as Carrie looked at the RESULT.

We all have something we do not want to do or finish. But if we think of the RESULT or OUTCOME we know it was well worth it. I know I did not like making phone calls in the beginning of my business venture. I looked at the process. But now I look at the result. I can gain a new customer or a distributor. I help them achieve their goals and dreams. Therefore, making mine more of a reality.Now making phone calls is not a big deal at all to me.

So as you make your resolutions or changes in your life- look at the results. See below some ideas of the Process vs Result comparison. Write your goals down with the comparisons. If you want the Result than focus on that compared to the Process and you should be able to keep your resolution.

Stop Smoking- 
Process- nicotine withdrawal and eating more
Result- Healthy Body, saving money, clothes don't smell and live longer 

Working Out-
Process- finding the time, cold outside, busy at work, etc.
Result- A fit Body, lower stress, more energy, leaner, healthier, etc.

Eating Healthier (not necessarily a diet- they often get broken)
Process- missing out on McDonald's, favorite desserts, etc
Results- lower cholesterol, heart disease, leaner body, lower health insurance costs if you needed to lose weight

Community Service- donate some time or money to a charity. Community service does not need to mean a large organization and diving right into volunteer work especially if you never volunteered at all. How about looking close at home? Maybe an elderly person you know needs help grocery shopping. Or help a single mom by watching her kids for a couple of hours.
Process- not enough time, too much money
Result- helping some one less fortunate, mentor a child, food donations-as they feed their BODY with your food donation you feed your SOUL

Start simple with your resolution and focus on the RESULT. Your intention for the New Year may last longer and become a long term, healthy, good habit.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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  1. hi thanks for sharing this, ya I'm agree with you, the solution is to get up early and work