Monday, February 28, 2011

What Would You Say In Your Award Speech?

As I watched the Oscars last night it made me think. What would I say in my acceptance speech? If you won an award who would you thank? Would you thank the people most close to you? Would you thank those who helped you get where you are today? Would you  thank G-d, the one being, you put you here in the first place with all of your gifts and talents?

Now is the moment to thank and appreciate those who molded you, guided you and helped you acheive your goals. Don't wait to do a eulogy for them. That would be too late. Do it now! Act on a prompting today.

Remember sending cards will help re-connect with those you lost touch with, develop new relationships and maintain existing ones. Who do you know that does not like to receive a card?

Happy Card Sending,
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